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Grant Scott-Goforth's article in the latest Journal ("Big Beer," Feb. 19) regarding the money spent by the city on infrastructure improvements to facilitate Lost Coast Brewing's new brewery is somewhat misleading. While I'm sure the quoted figures for the improvements were correct it doesn't reflect the whole story.

Sunset Road was almost un-drivable due to lack of maintenance. Rebuilding the road and other improvements would've been necessary in the near future anyway. The city has a responsibility to maintain its infrastructure at all times and my guess would be that probably half of that money would've been spent anyway.

The fact the city agreed to do these upgrades is a function that all cities need to do to either encourage new business or retain existing businesses for the health and wealth of the city. I applaud the decision by the city to fund these improvements and move the project forward. More living wage jobs, more sales tax, more property tax and all that goes with expansion will pay off these costs in a relatively short time. This is a win-win for all involved and I'm thankful we didn't lose this business to a more progressive and transportation-friendly city.

Although being on a major transportation corridor would have lessened operating cost considerably, Barbara Groom was committed to the city and Humboldt County. Eureka should be very proud to have this thriving business call it home.

Lee Chappelle, Eureka

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