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Better Weed, Lower Taxes



Eureka Police Chief Mills told KINS Radio that he wants to "... tax the snot out of it. ..." McGuire's Senate Bill 987 would impose a 15 percent tax at the point of sale ("Sign up, Pay up," Feb. 18). On top of this, the bill also ensures the cities and counties can tax and fee to their heart's content.

Humboldt cannabis farmers/families are starting to come out of the shadows (not easy to do) to legitimize themselves and their product. Emerald Triangle cannabis is known worldwide due to these historical growers/breeders. Legalization is coming. Officials should be planning ways to advance what could be an economic tsunami for Humboldt County instead of getting all lathered up about the tax revenue.

Cooperation from all involved is key. Success/failure depends on the quality of the product. Other areas will be growing cannabis but there is only one Humboldt/Emerald Triangle and we are decades ahead of others in promotion of our area's product. Hopefully government involvement will be minimal from seed to market in order to keep costs down and quality up. An area that should involve government interaction might be testing for contamination and organic certification using a local testing facility. An economic windfall for businesses and huge research opportunities could ensue if everyone is willing to cooperate and not be greedy. This will benefit all involved. More people with money who buy things and pay taxes. Get it?

The Humboldt name must continue to be "top shelf" to see all the benefits that could come to pass. Let's not nickel and dime every phase of this new economy with fees and taxes. Does a sound, realistic, bare bones estimate exist on the cost for the start of regulation? Let's start with that. If we need to adjust, fine, but setting these double digit taxes/fees which, of course, will never be lowered, will kill what could be possible.

Rick Brennan, Eureka

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