The Astronomers of Humboldt would like to thank all those who joined us at the Kneeland Airport on May 20 and supported the annular eclipse viewing event ("Ring of Fire," May 17). We had no idea that so many people in the area had such an interest in astronomical events. The club especially appreciated the equipment that non-members brought to the airport for use by the general public. This was a rare opportunity for our area and everyone seemed to have a good time.

The only concern we would like to express is there were so many people with children and animals who apparently weren't aware that the property on both sides of the road up to the airport parking lot is privately owned. The owner expressed concern that there was a good possibility of someone being injured by the livestock. If you should go to the airport for another public event, please stay on the roadway, the tarmac or in the parking lot.

Check the club website at for future event schedules. The next planned event will be the Transit of Venus across the sun on Tuesday afternoon, June 5. Please check the "Upcoming Events" on the website for specifics.

Russ Owsley, Eureka

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