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Beware the Police State




On Oct. 18, the Journal reported that Project Censored determined the expanding police state tops the list of underreported stories by the mainstream media. The militarization of our police has dramatically increased. Yes, here in Humboldt County.

Recently, Carrie Peyton Dahlberg, your editor, was bullied and intimidated for trying to photograph a safe crime scene in a public place. Clearly legal.

Kimberly Starr, better known as Verbena, and James Decker, have four small claims lawsuits in process against the EPD and the City of Eureka. The lawsuits are about violating their civil rights during the Occupy Eureka Protests. They were trying to video what they considered overreaction, bullying and intimidation by local law enforcement.

The City of Eureka is in the process of selecting a new police chief by July 1. We need to make sure there is more transparency and accountability.

The Human Rights Commission is still trying to take out the parts of the "Urgency Ordinance," passed by the Board of Supervisors, that criminalize dissent. Suppression of dissent keeps people from speaking out.

HSU hosted the first "Criminal Justice Dialogue" on March 28-29. This was mostly about how incarceration affects communities and rehabilitation. A good start. How about a series of forums to involve the whole community in dealing with these urgent and important issues?

NCJ, we need you!

Jim Paquin, McKinleyville

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