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Blazing Butthead?


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Whoa, big changes at the Journal. A few short months ago, our daring and oh-so-sure-of-himself editor, Hank Sims, set the community alight with a cover story depicting an unusual act of adventure involving meat-hooks and a thrill-seeking young woman.  The move sparked intense community outcry, making our typically liberal readership look like a bunch of puritans and enticing our otherwise out-of-sight publisher, Judy Hodgson, to print a sort-of apology. Meanwhile, Sims disappeared completely for three issues and upon returning made absolutely no mention of the event, let alone an apology.

Flash-forward to a few weeks ago when out of the blue we get the abrupt news from Hodgson that the job of editor for our local "hybrid" rag is just too big for one person, and that an old Humboldt and Journal expat, Tom Abate, is taking over one "half" of the job (the one with the title of "editor"), and that Sims is being rewarded for his hard work by playing second fiddle as "web editor."

This arrangement lasts less than a week before Hank hands in his resignation, garnering a postscript expression of regret and seeming surprise from our publisher.

Now I was never a big fan of Sims, finding his belief that stirring up dirt and polarizing our community made for good journalism to be anything but. Yet I did feel he was a good writer and certainly did his homework. Which brings us back to our new editor, a man who comes on the scene guns blazing and manages right from the get-go to alienate the readership with a horrid radio interview and whose idea of good journalism means arriving late to an event he wished to cover, only to be deterred by a $10 entry fee. I am not impressed.

Bill Pinion, Eureka



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