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When, oh please, please will Jada Brotman put out a cookbook!

I am the first to admit that I am not a cook, I even have special dispensation from my book/gourmet meal group to just bring chips and dip (self-defense, I'm sure) yet I love Jada's column and I always find myself cutting out her recipes. I'm not saying I ever cook them, but they do inspire me to think about it, which in my case is amazing enough.

Jada's columns are witty, the food, even just in print, is mouthwatering and I would love to have all the recipes in one easy-to-find book instead of spilling willy nilly off the shelf. I can't possibly be the only Jada fan out there. Come on, if we make enough noise perhaps she'll cave. Most of the work is already done, please Jada, your fans are hungering. If Amy Stewart can do it you can too.

Lauri Rose, Bridgeville

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