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Brain Busters



I have read previous articles from Barry on mental health issues and I look forward to seeing this new series from start to finish ("Field Notes," June 20 and 27). As former Humboldt County Mental Health Board chair, I can tell you that the medical model has gotten far too much press in the past and in other media.

This new DSM V is going to make nearly everything a disorder or what some would call "a brain disease" or a "chemical imbalance."

Did you know none of those have ever been proved? Watch closely the advertising and they will say "it is thought to be caused by a chemical imbalance." Never proved. Do you know of anyone who has ever had their neuro-chemicals checked? Were they too high or low? Humm!

Now they call mental illness a "brain disease." Oh really, what part of my brain is diseased? Point to the spot. I have always felt psychiatry is a pseudoscience and note the package inserts which say "we do not know the exact way this works on the brain."

The federal government says now that one in four of us is mentally ill. I guess the rest of them are doctors and therapists. Go get them Barry. I am looking forward to more facts on the subject.

Henry Willey, Arcata


I have been psychologically diagnosed by other-worldly beings, and they have diagnosed me as fitting into the WTRNR category. That means "Wilder Than Rock 'N' Roll." Treatment and "recovery" are out of the question!

I was born wilder than rock 'n' roll. And my older siblings tried to make me "normal" by listening to rock 'n' roll, but it never worked.

I wasn't born normal. And I never became normal by the time I was 15 years old, when I saw The Outer Limits episode "The Galaxy Being" on television in 1963. I was beyond reach of psychiatrists after that!

Someday after I publish my book titled "I Can Think About Meaning, Therefore I Am" I will be adopted by native tribes around the world. And they will nickname me "Chief Wilder Than Rock 'n' Roll." And all the natives are going to laugh every time they hear my name. They'll be laughing at all the people who want to be "normal" and be part of "the civilized world."

I hope to form a world honor society for adult and adolescent victims and survivors of child abuse. Many of us have needs and problems that require future research to understand. Past and present diagnostical statistical manuals are profoundly limited.

When the time is right I'll invite people to help us create, organize and publicize this world honor society. Think of Pulitzer Prizes, Nobel Prizes and Templeton Prizes. And honor, respect and protect what is mysterious and wild in everyone!

Orion Palomar, Eureka

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