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Buhned Out



Ryan Hurley spouts some very Demo-snarky comments about Republican Congressional candidate, SoHum resident Dale Mensing ("Buhne Tribune," Nov. 13). Hurley strongly implies that Mensing's candidacy was the hubris-laden work of power binging GOP bosses (I paraphrase). Hurley fails to mention that Mensing was chosen by Republican citizens in a primary election. His platform? The Bill of Rights. In flailing swipes he demeans the hardworking Mensing, a grocery clerk and former postal worker, as a "bag man" for Republican "arrogance run amok." Perhaps Hurley would have rather seen Mensing's primary opponent, Andy Caffrey, go up against Demo incumbent Jared Huffman. Caffrey, another SoHum original, basically ran on a pro-pot platform. Perhaps Hurley might dip into Andy's bag. At least that might mellow him out a bit, keeping arrogance in check.

Andy Barnett, Redway

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