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Bull Story



I would like to correct something that was misstated in an article in the Dec. 4 issue. The article was about the steer that had been washed down the Klamath River and was rescued from a log jam in the Crescent City Harbor ("When the Waters Rose").

The article mentions the man who rescued the steer as Don Ford. "Don Ford" was a fictitious character, based loosely on my father, Dave Stewart, in the book Beloved Was Bahamas, A Steer To Remember by Harriet Weaver. My father was a fish buyer for California Shellfish Co. and worked on Citizens Dock in Crescent City at the time.

My dad is now 91 years old and residing in Gasquet, California. He still has the medal that was given him by the Humane Society for his part in rescuing the steer.

Shannon Stewart Frischknecht, Arcata

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