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Bus Appreciation



Enjoyed the article on the county and city transit buses ("Another One Rides the Bus," July 18). I encourage others to leave the car in the garage and take the bus more often. I am a semi-regular on the city bus and sometimes the county service. It can be a pleasant way to reach the zoo, Old Town, movie theater or Crabs game.

I find myself sometimes glaring at other drivers and declaring 90 percent of them unfit to drive. That's a signal for me to ride the bus. The bus drivers I have known seem professional, helpful and some friendly and humorous. The hybrids are easier to enter and exit in front. Some passengers like the older buses so they can get closer to the driver and try a conversation.

I was happy to see the ugly bus shelters replaced by the green iron ones. While not vandal proof, they are better than the older ones. Keep the buses going, I support you.

Dave Ammerman, Cutten

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