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'Call Them'



Thank you, Patty Harvey, for your detailed article about Senate Bill 562, ("Healthcare for All," Nov. 30). You succinctly rebutted our local Assemblyman Jim Woods' reservations about the bill, which echo Senate Speaker Anthony Rendon's excuses for shelving this important bill.

S.B. 562 is a comprehensive, fully detailed plan that includes funding. Yes, we would have to pay 2.3-cent increase in sales tax, but we get to walk into the doctor or hospital of our choice without a deductible, co-pay or monthly premium. With guaranteed reimbursement, our doctors would not flee the rural areas to grub for money in the cities. The 90-page Pollin Report says the state would save $39 Billion. Having a huge billing staff to deal with multiple insurance plans and the huge profits for the insurance companies, we are easily doubling the cost of health care, compared to a Single Payer plan.

We really need to become informed and active about this issue. Take some time away from Facebook and Netflix and pull up Senate Bill 562. Look up the phone numbers for Anthony Rendon, Jim Wood, the members of the Rules Committee that shelved this bill. Call them. It's easy. Tell them that it's do the bidding of insurance companies and pharmacy companies that pay these guys six figure contributions, or work for the people who elected them and who can un-elect them next voting day.

Jessica Bittner, Bayside

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