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Can't We All Just Get Along?



I have myriad photos in reply to the "natives only" landscaping argument ("The Butterfly Effect," April 20). Though we enjoy native plants (generally they require less work) I think we do a disservice to think that our animal neighbors cannot thrive in our non-native introductions and structures, as long as the plants are not invasive and don't require chemical treatments.

We do not endorse monoculture either, even it if was all one native variety. Every year we have white crowned sparrows nesting in our rose bushes. Bees and frogs abound in the dill, thyme, lavender, sunflower, narcissus, cucumber, fava beans (and the frogs even hunt moths while perched on our front door light!). The native deer look forward to the times we forget to close the gates to our mixed native and non-native flower gardens and orchard.

I don't see them picketing for native-only habitat (if anything, they're patrolling for access!), nor should we. May common sense stewardship and garden diversity prevail.

Janet Sclar, Hydesville

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