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Caregivers Do Care


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It is so disheartening to read this two-part article called "Vulnerable" (Aug. 4 and 11) in the North Coast Journal. As the reporter assumes that the residents are not cared for by just a glance, I wonder if she even understands what happens in reality at the nursing homes here in Humboldt. The around-the-clock care that residents receive that otherwise they would not get, if we were not here to care for them. She takes a glimpse and imagines the worse. She walks around with her mighty pen and camera, snapping shots and making remarks that are despicable. She paints a picture that makes you think the worse.

In reality we are caregivers, the backbone of the elderly. We know their names, we give them hugs, we listen to them when they need an ear, we watch out for them with love and compassion. They are our extended family. We are here because we care for the elderly. I think the reporter needs to truly understand what it means to have dementia, Alzheimer's or even a stroke. We understand and are there to care for those that are unable to care for themselves. It is our passion for the elderly that the reporter has tried to diminish with her untruthful words. Remember we all get old, we all need somebody in our fragile state, and when that happens be thankful Humboldt has the skilled nursing facilities to welcome you with open arms.

Gabrielle Dubuque, Hydesville



Up front I must state that health care today in the United States is in fact a war zone. This is the system in place in our country, where health care is not a right.

After the first article came out in your journal ("Vulnerable," Aug. 4 and 11) those most loving souls who care for those most loving patients who find themselves in a skilled health care setting each felt badly.

After the second article recently came out this pain these persons who each day work hands on with profoundly ill patients ... this pain mushroomed into their inner psyche causing even more disharmony and pain ... while standing within the health care delivery trenches ... muddied boots ... fighting this battle to help a never-ending line of suffering, diseased and broken vehicles each containing a loving soul.

We do not make the rules/guidelines/regulations/billing codes/reimbursement criteria any more than the young lady teller behind the window at Chase bank or the gentleman on the other side of the worn counter at the DMV make up the rules.

May I suggest at this time that those souls...those individuals...who face the light and stand within its radiance are blinded to the issues of the world of men: These are those persons who pass on this lighted way to the great center of absorption.

However he or she who feels the urge to pass that way, yet loves his brother and sister on the darkened path, revolves upon the pedestal of light and turns the other way. These loved ones then face towards the dark and then the seven points of light within themselves transmit the outward streaming light and then it happens...the faces of those upon the darkened way receive that light.

For them, the way is no longer so dark.

Behind these warriors, these healers, these nurses, certified nurses' aides, therapists .... these healers between the light and the dark ... blazes the light of the divine.
You and all your loved ones are always in my prayers.

 Samuel Joseph Bell, Cutten



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