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Caveat Lector




I have been reading the NCJ for as long as it has been published. I look forward to each new edition arriving in time for my once a week breakfast outing. It is a serious tradition with me and all the staff at the restaurant I frequent.

Lately, there have been editions of the NCJ published that didn’t contain the “Town Dandy.” This is wrong. If you continue to publish the NCJ without including the “Town Dandy,” please print warning on the front cover. My fingers are blistered from all the page turning to ferret out the Town Dandy’s column.

P.S. The “Town Dandy” is sometimes harsh and uncensored. Perhaps it would be a good idea to print a warning on the front cover if the current edition contains the “Town Dandy” column.

M.J. Inabnit, Eureka

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