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Celluloid Reveries




I couldn’t help it but the cover of your Aug. 14 Journal — “In the Green Room” — reminded me a little of the movie Jurassic Park. The cover could have been modified to have two photos on the cover, the top one being the original cover with the dude on the can looking up at something. The bottom photo would show a demolished outhouse. The head of T. Rex would show up in the upper right corner with a tasty morsel of two bare legs, trousers and tennis shoes protruding from Rex’s snout, the vestigial arm giving a “thumbs-up” sign and a gleam in Rex’s eye at the camera. Only thing surviving is the roll of toilet paper, that essential item of Western civilization.

I’m anxious to see the movie Humboldt County for its story and setting. The point of movie-making is artistic expression and entertainment, and maybe some social or cultural commentary. Too often, though, it’s about making money for producers and other moguls so they can maintain their bizarre and extravagant lifestyle. At any rate, the movie seems intriguing. In 1995 when I first came to Humboldt County they showed the premiere of Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman, which was filmed in Humboldt County. Moviegoers cheered when a logging truck crossed a bridge in the film, and everybody was looking for familiar faces or scenes in Humboldt County.

All the hysteria and preoccupation with marijuana lately reminds me of the Cheech & Chong series of the late ’70s, where pot usage went to extremes. But they were popular comedies of the time.

— David Ammerman, Cutten

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