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Change the System!



There is a saying: "All it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing".  I define evil as that which is deliberately designed to make others suffer for the benefit of the perpetrator. Right now, without an ordinance to stop them, investment corporations and greedy owners are unfairly and unsustainably charging more and more money to people who own their houses in manufactured home parks. These people who can't afford property to put their homes on are beholden to park owners for their lot.

While it is true that park owners deserve a fair return on their investment (and Measure V allows for that), the homeowners are co-investors; without their homes, the park has no income potential. We voters have a unique chance to change what amounts to a feudal system into one that permits homeowners to live in their neighborhoods with dignity, while providing park owners with a very viable income. Vote Yes on Measure V!

Wilma Mendes, Fortuna

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