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Charity At Home




I’m glad to see Mark Lovelace doesn’t want to take the raise that the greedy current supervisors voted themselves (“Town Dandy,” Sept. 18). It’s also enlightening to know what he would do with it: Give it to charity. Well, Mark, I pay outrageous county taxes exclusively to fund county government, not to fund charities. It seems quite illegal to give tax money to any charity. If this is done, the county will be sued, and rightly so. This idiotic idea certainly qualifies you to be a politician.

The Journal‘s concealed weapons story seemed like a Republican campaign ad by a bunch of paranoid right-wingers. Worthless and stupid! Why not print a list (not like the cover) of the people with permits, so we know who the whackos are and we can avoid them?

Rick Siegfried, Eureka

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