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Clarke's Money Leak


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Please let the article on Clarke Historical Museum ("Fight at the Museum," March 8) be the first in a series.

The problems at the Clarke are not with the staff, they are with the board of directors' inadequate efforts in carrying out their responsibilities for everlasting protection of extraordinarily important collections. In 1998 there was a roof leak problem; in 2012 there is (still?) a roof leak problem. Uncontrolled amounts of humidity/moisture introduced by a leaky roof is no way to provide a preservation environment for historic textile, photo and basket collections. Yet the board continues to keep the museum in a position where it cannot apply for most major grants. They do this by never having, for three decades now, the required audited financial statement. Why?

The most superb staff in the entire world cannot overcome that problem. Fundraising events, "memberships" and small project grants will never bring in enough money to maintain the building and provide for the needs of collections and exhibits.

Edith Butler, Eureka



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