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Confirmation Bias



In his letter ("Mailbox," Feb. 9), Rick Brennan credits Sen. Jeff Sessions with saying that two-thirds of the people convicted of terror attacks since 2001 were immigrants? Clearly, that's all the confirmation that we need!

After all, it's not as if a man with an established history of resorting to cheap intimidation tactics (as per Coretta Scott King's warning about him back in 1986, when he was nominated to be a federal judge) would do so again. And it's not as if — considering that his boss was not only supported by domestic terror groups but openly courted their support — he has an agenda to advance, or anything. He said it therefore it must be true!

But then again: This is an era in which the White House takes Infowars at face value, even as any criticism of the current administration is branded "fake." So such credulity from the regime's staunchest supporters comes as no particular surprise.

K.A. Green-Wall, Eureka

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