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Conflicting Reports

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I agree that Eureka seems to be perceived as a crime-ridden place. As a regular walker of the Hikshari' Trail, I was dismayed by Sandra Lingle's comment ("Conflicting Reports," Feb. 6) that "all kinds of unsavory activity" occurs there during the week, none of which I've witnessed. Yes, there are homeless people there — the public restrooms and actual places to sit naturally draw people who have limited options.

I walk that trail any day of the week and hour of the day and see dog walkers, families, kids on tricycles, bicyclists, joggers, roller skaters — it's been a boon to this city. The "crime" I see regularly is dog walkers who seem to think the county leash law doesn't apply to their dog. I've been nipped in the leg by one off-leash dog and subjected to a hostile encounter from another (much to the chagrin of the owners, which doesn't help). I've never had an unpleasant encounter with a human being there; on the contrary, people are friendly or at least polite and civil. Clearly it's a much-needed place to get fresh air and exercise and enjoy the wildlife and the view. Despite that, many of my friends refuse to go with me because they've heard there are "bad people" on that trail, and unfortunately, your article adds to that perception.

Jan Andersen, Eureka


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