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Cop Slip-up 'Scary'




Congratulations on your recent stories covering gun control/constitutional rights ("The Gun Issue," Jan. 10). It showed the many facets of this divisive issue without taking a side, which is good journalism. It is rare to see true journalists these days who dig and report.   

I was blown away by the "Bad Guys With Guns" article. I assumed that a list of people who should not under any circumstances be allowed to possess a gun existed, but to know our police did not know of its existence is scary. This information could save an officer's life. I would have thought that when police work any kind of crime investigation that names would be taken. Why couldn't these names be checked against the "bad boy" list during or after the investigation? Not knowing about the bad guy list lies with the chain of command and is troubling. What other tools are available? 

The city of Detroit in 2012 had 513 people killed with guns. The president's home city as well as the state of Illinois has gun laws, but over 500 were killed by guns. "Fast and Furious" killed hundreds of Mexican citizens as well as an American border agent. Our government supplied those guns to the Mexican drug cartels. This of course was never investigated and was swept under the rug because "journalists" never asked the questions. What needs to be done is to be able to identify people with serious problems. We need to act to help these people. We also must recognize that there are people who snap. That is why we have the horrific scene at Newtown. We also know that the Second Amendment is talking about possessing a gun in order to fight a government that has reached the point of putting its citizens into slavery in one way or another -- not for hunting.

Rick Brennan, Eureka


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