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Responding to "Slow News is No News" (Nov. 10), I think that by identifying the "Occupy" demonstrators as fodder for news media, Ms. Burstiner has indirectly identified the underlying issues.

On the one hand, the Occupy phenomenon has unquestionably given voice to widespread discontent -- not just from the usual tree hugging left wing suspects, but from lower middle class white and blue collar families who took it in the shorts when the Great American Bubble collapsed.

On the other hand, the hallmark of effective street protest is a clear call to action followed by a strong and popular response (e.g., the Arab Spring phenomenon), and neither of those is happening here.

I think part of it is because street action is dangerous, and it's more fun to chill at an ongoing protest party. But I also think there's an awareness that inciting a real "kill the pig" bloodbath isn't going to fix our economy, and I for one am thankful.

So, what and who will fix our economy?

I've been pondering those questions for years, and the Occupy thing has inspired me to start a blog called Dialog for Peace and Prosperity, with the aim of coming up with workable answers and doing something about them.

The basic premise is that the old school Right vs. Left, Liberal vs. Conservative shame and blame rhetoric has become too toxic to produce anything but a continuing downward spiral. We must learn to listen respectfully even when we disagree, to find specifics on which we do agree, and cooperate with each other to change the things we do agree about for the better.

You can find it at http://dialogforpeaceandprosperity.blogspot.com, and everyone who's willing to play by the simple rules I've set for respectful communication is welcome.

Bob Olofson, Eureka

Media Maven Marcie Burstiner's piece was, as usual, well written and informative. I'm glad she gave advice to the Occupy Humboldt folks -- given the bad press they are receiving it appears that they need it. ?But the Occupy Movement will not succeed on advice; success necessitates more people from more "walks of life" coming out and getting involved. OK, so you work; do you work seven days a week and 24 hours a day? Can't you spare some time to stand for fairness and justice??Occupy Humboldt needs folks like Marcy Bustiner and me who have relevant skills to get off their duffs and make a real contribution. What can you contribute?

Felice Pace, Klamath

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