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While it's great to see Jeffrey Bird's article about Humboldt disc golf ("Disc Golf," Sept. 8), it paints a picture of drunken, sloppy disc golfers with wild dogs. This may be the case for some folks ("chunderhoads," as they're called), but we have a rich tradition of huge professional disc golf the author is clearly not familiar with. If he was familiar with the local DG scene, he would have mentioned the local nonprofit organization, Par Infinity Disc Golf Club. 

Why is DG so popular in Humboldt? Because of Par Infinity and the past and present efforts Par Infinity has made on behalf of the local DG scene. Where did all the local courses come from? County or city efforts? No, Par Infinity and our members are responsible for every public and respectable private course in the county. Par Infinity provides insurance and actively manages many of the local courses, and is constantly lobbying on behalf of the local DG scene.

Par Infinity's local tournaments (which are 25th annual this coming year) set the benchmark for all DG in the county, and attract some of the best players in the sport. One of our local courses is claimed by world champion Dave Feldberg to be his favorite course in the world, and we get to play it any day of the week (if you know where it is).

I am disturbed by Mr. Bird's irresponsibly written article claiming DG has relaxed regulations or conduct, dogs are welcome on courses, and inebriation is OK. That may be his style and other chunderhoads like him, but his group is on the same course as golfers that are playing by the rules, sober and without shitting dogs running loose and disturbing the mind state it takes to shoot good DG. If you are that guy/goddess, clean it up. You are not gaining any skills, and are certainly not contributing anything positive to our local DG scene.

If you are looking to improve your game and want to help out, join Par Infinity ($10/year). With over 500 members, we are Humboldt disc golf.

Jim McIntosh, Arcata



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