I am confused by the “Synergasm” article (Nov. 13) written about the Fourth Annual Synergy Fair, an event I put energy into organizing and promoting all year long. Synergy Fair is a service to the community, a time for people to learn and experience the many types of complementary alternative healing modalities available to them locally.

The event is also a time to support many local artists, vendors and performers. What was your intention in writing such a derogatory, pessimistic article? The article clearly turned people away from coming by describing Synergy Fair as a place for touchy-feely hippies, nut-jobs, and those refusing to face reality. It also told readers to stay home if this is “just not your bag.”

This is not only degrading, but seems to be clearly mocking the strong healing community that has been a foundation in Humboldt County for many years. Also offended are several of our vendors who support North Coast Journal with their advertising. The Journal misrepresented what Synergy Fair is and I do hope that your reporters will come to the Fifth Annual Synergy Fair and learn more about the community they are writing for.

— Caroline Snow, Trinidad



I felt compelled to say something about the article previewing the Synergy Fair which happened Nov. 15 and 16.

Either this was a case of really bad writing or an editorial prejudice. I could suppose the writer was trying to be clever, but it took too long for her to bring in anything positive, or I could conclude by the hostile tone that the Journal hasn’t a clue what is actually going on in the “Alternative” world and is stuck somewhere in the 20th century.

I am very disappointed to see such blatant “fear mongering” in what I have always thought to be a progressive paper. Someone needs to do some actual research.

— Carolyn Ayres, Eureka

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