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Don’t Anoint Susan




Shame on you, Richard Salzman (Mailbox, “Anoint Susan,” March 22). You told me you wouldn't do that again and then you went and did it. You agreed that there was a question of ethics, and yet you done went and did it again. You wrote that long letter filled with your reasons to vote for Susan Adams but you left one critical piece of information out. You wrote that letter like you were just another John Q. Public voicing his free and honest opinions.

But, is it free and honest when you fail to point out that you are Susan Adams’ paid employee, her campaign manager for Humboldt County? I would like to believe that you know the answer to that, but then why did you do it?

I was amused and fascinated by your decision to sell Ms. Adams by depicting her as safely middle of the road enough to please everyone. Those are the very reasons why most people with progressive values will not be voting for Huffman. Why is it a virtue for a candidate to be backed by a conservative and by a progressive? What does that say about that candidate?

You say that no one can question Norman Solomon's progressive credentials, but then say those very credentials make him unelectable in Humboldt County. I think you underestimate Humboldt County and misread the tenor of the times. I think this county has an awful lot of people who are hurting and who understand that the only way out of this hurt is with a truly progressive candidate who has years of experience in fighting the good fights and that's Norman Solomon. (I am not now, nor have I ever been, an employee of Norman Solomon.)?We, sadly, live in an era when ethical behavior is critically lacking in government, in business and more. I expected better of you, Richard.

Sylvia De Rooy, Westhaven

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