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Don't be Afraid



"Alienation and desperation are the roots of the anti-social behavior we would like to see improve among the homeless," writes Anna Hamilton ("Mailbox," April 30).

Right on sister! This same alienation and desperation also dwells within the expensively dressed, well-housed people at the top. How else could they not see and/or care about the destruction they are wreaking upon our Mother Earth?

But you and I see, now don't we? We see that we have been believing charlatans. Anyone speaking for us is love-starved if they don't know that it is wrong to send drones to harm lives. That is some serious anti-social behavior.

"Can we all get along?" asked Rodney King, a survivor of brutal anti-social behavior and every reason to believe that we cannot. He asked a question that has haunted me my whole life. Why so much fussin' and fightin'? Who is responsible?

Aren't we all implicated? We have been indoctrinated to believe what isn't true. We have believed the lie that some lives are worth more than others. While our deepest knowing is that we really are all born equal; the fundamental truth of unity.

No one would ever harm or wish harm on another unless they were confused. With fear and propaganda constantly being pumped into our environment, how could we not be confused?

This maligning of one to another has to go if we are to squeeze through this metaphorical "eye of the needle." It's not easy, just the only way we will survive as a species and one day flourish.

Maureen Kane, Arcata

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