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Don't Be Crabby



I fully support the proposed federal aid to fisherman if the crab season gets called off ("Hold the Crab" Nov. 5). I support this for the same reason I support aid to the homeless, or others in need: although we all try to be self-sufficient, sometimes we are not able to be. Maybe it's because crab season gets called off due to the effects of our warming ocean or maybe you lost your job, had the bank foreclose on your house or your spouse started drinking and beat you or the kids. If we are a civilized and caring community, we take of each other in times of need, for a society is only as strong as its weakest links.

I know that the rest of the "tough love" crowd opposes taxpayer handouts to the needy, and feel everyone should be self-sufficient, but I disagree with them. I think we need to help our neighbors out, be they fishermen or single mothers or anyone else down on their luck.

—Richard W. Salzman, Arcata

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