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Don't Believe Everything You Read




First off, thanks for covering the story of the old-growth redwood being saved (“What Now Treesitter?”, Aug. 8). This is truly a reason to celebrate.

I have just a few points of clarification about the article. First, I would be very surprised if any of the witnesses to the death of David “Gypsy” Chain would refer to what we were doing that day as “playing cat and mouse.” First of all, it’s not a game, and we don’t play; second, “cat and mouse” refers to a tactic involving running around an active timber harvest plan, creating a chaotic environment where it’s highly dangerous to continue logging. As an eyewitness, I can tell you that we were not using cat-and-mouse that day; we made three attempts to have dialog with the PL workers, and, on the final attempt, the logger proceeded to fall a tree in our direction, killing David “Gypsy” Chain. Since the 10-year anniversary of that day is coming up -- on Sept. 17 -- I feel that this old misconception needs to be clarified (again).

My other point of clarification is that the Humboldt contingent of Earth First! has not been “reorganized.” EF! Humboldt is an affinity group, as is North Coast Earth First! and We Save Trees. I still work under the name “North Coast Earth First!” and “NCEF! Media,” and I have my associates, as do the other groups in the Humboldt area. Why can’t Heidi Walters get her facts straight? As usual, don’t believe everything you read.

— Shunka Wakan, Arcata

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