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Don't Wine and Ride

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Amy Cirincione's article "Bikes and Booze" ("Get Out," June 20) not only sounds like a bad idea, it is a really bad idea. I have driven that road for 30 years. The idea of some tipsy traveler cresting the Ettersburg junction as I negotiate the oncoming cement truck turns me purple with frustration.

The sugar-coated language used to describe this misadventure does a disservice to the reader and potentially leads innocent people into danger. Slurping five or six ounces of wine and hopping onto a bicycle on Briceland Road is not a good thing for a tourist to do. Before trying this on a bicycle drive the road first. That should scare you off.

The name of the column should have been "Get Out of My Way!" If you want to drink and ride go to Sonoma, they have miles of paved off-the-road bicycle trails. And, by the way, the same DUI laws apply to bicyclists. And under the exertion of cycling alcohol can have stronger effects, including blackout.

Anna Hamilton, Eureka


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