The article on $20 dining for two ("Cheap Eats," July 26) was a big disappointment. Meat, meat and more meat throughout the reviews; even, "you can see and smell the long skewers of meat being turned on the grill." I barely recognize the Journal anymore. Instead of taking leadership, you heartily embrace stupid, retro-evolutionary, ecologically unsustainable trends such as the current meat craze.

I'm not sure what the Journal does stand for these days, but you try hard to show what you don't: vegetarianism, animal activism, environmental consciousness. Probably in homage to the almighty dollar (ad revenue), you bend over backward to prove you aren't mere hippies, but are tough, hard-nosed business people.  If you're too mainstream and commercial to be the underground or alternative press, then what are you??Enjoy the cholesterol and karma, folks, you're earning it.

Diana Ashley, McKinleyville

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