My name is Lauren Wieland and I am a cast member of Ferndale Rep’s Oliver. I have been very active in theater the last six years or so, doing over 15 shows in the area. I love theater and I feel very blessed to be in an area that has so many artistic opportunities. That being said, the arts always need help getting the word out to survive. Oliver is no exception.

We are always grateful that you do take the time to see the show and review it, but when a little blurb is buried underneath another show’s review it is disappointing (“Stage Matters,” Dec. 3). It pretty much just listed names and explained what the gist of the show was about. I miss the reviews of a few years ago, when a potential audience member got a little taste of what they could expect. I wish a show didn’t rely so heavily on a review, but it does and I guess I am asking you to please help the arts flourish in this area.

Thanks you for your time and consideration.

Lauren Wieland, Arcata

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