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What CR is doing simply does not make sense ("Re-Imagining CR," April 11). I understand that financially times are tough and that schools are being asked to focus on the basics, but if you are struggling for funds wouldn't it be more reasonable to keep the program that profits the school? If money is scarce then why would you build a $19.3 million theater, and then cut the theater department? Yes, theater does not fit into the new three core principles plan, but it is an essential part of the community and teaches more life skills than you could ever learn in the classroom. Many schools have started to abandon their more fun, artsy and relaxing classes (my school, Northcoast Preparatory and Performing Arts Academy, cut electives this year) and that is a tragedy. As a student, I know that everyone needs a break from school and homework, and many do not have the time or the money to take classes outside of school. Students need time to enjoy themselves, bond with their peers and do something that they truly love. Sometimes, having something to look forward to makes all the difference in whether we can get through the day. So, I can only beg the CR administration to reconsider their cuts, and send my condolences to the students who have had the only reason that they still try anymore, their true passion, ripped out from under them.

Annajane Murphy, Arcata

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