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Eureka Was First



In the Sept. 22 ("Best Of Humboldt") issue, Heidi Walters described Arcata as a town "where the Humboldt Crabs have played for 67 years." Among all the erroneous statements made in the NCJ -- which drive me nuts -- this one is beyond the pale! (Is there an emoticon for tongue-in-cheek?)
Before the Crabs moved to the ballpark in Arcata with the hard cold metal seating, they played in the beautiful old Albee Stadium at Eureka High School, with the lovely worn, warm, wood seating upon which my friends and I sat for many hours over the years, watching the Eureka High Loggers and the Humboldt Crabs play.
Ye gads - not all things wonderful reside in Arcata!
Check and double check your "facts."

Sandy Walsh, Eureka


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