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For Those About to Vote



I really appreciate the hard work and careful reporting that went into all of your election articles, and I want to thank Chris Kerrigan, Virginia Bass and Sharon Latour for taking time from their busy schedules to talk with the press.

Your readers are the people who make democracy work, by getting informed, by caring and by voting. I am proud to support a candidate who will respect and reach out to everyone in Humboldt — including people who read the North Coast Journal! On June 3, I'll be voting for Sharon Latour in the 5th District, because I think she'll stand up for the environment, stand up for more balanced planning, and honor the democratic process by speaking with the press.

Kate McClain, McKinleyville


Bass supporters like to make a big deal out of the fact that Kerrigan remotely attended 12 of 416 Eureka City Council meetings while he worked on a Democratic Presidential campaign in 2008. Voters may need reminding as to just how big a deal it was to many of us, after eight horrific years under George Bush, that we elect a democrat as our next president! Of course, just four years previous to this Virginia Bass was flying off in Rob Arkley's private jet to attend George Bush rallies. The value and principles of candidates is what we should focus on, and these actions alone paint a distinct difference.

Chris Kerrigan will advocate for average voters every day he is on the board of supervisors. Virginia Bass made it clear whose interests she looks out for when she appointed the owner of the Downtowner Motel to the planning commission!

Wesley DeMarco, Eureka


Every time, Virginia Bass has run on the exact same platform: promising more jobs and bragging about endorsements from political connections. But what about her actual record?

Bass spoke out against big-box stores — but Rob Arkley got her to support building a Home Depot on his (still) toxic waterfront Balloon Track.

Bass promised to pass the General Plan Update — but instead threw out the community's input and appointed campaign contributors to planning commission to usurp the public's will.

Bass calls herself a democrat — but has rushed to get pro-Tea Party endorsements.

As I look around, I see more empty storefronts and closed local businesses and (coincidentally?) a Walmart built under shady circumstances. Where are those "good jobs"?

Enough is enough. It's time to see results. Let's throw out Bass and elect somebody who gets the job done and supports the Eureka Fair Wage Act. I'm voting for Chris Kerrigan.

Michael Hansen, Eureka


For myself and others who I have talked to, the most important issue facing us is human-caused climate change. I want our board of supervisors to be prepared to help our community through the trying times that are coming as a result of humanity's failure to deal with global warming in a timely manner.

Toward that end, we have very clear choices ahead.

We can either support the two develop-at-any-cost current board members, who are at the beck and call of moneyed interests in Humboldt County — or we can support the two candidates with wider viewpoints, who will help us plan for and transition our community into something that can survive and even prosper during the coming economic and environmental hard times.

For these reasons, I am supporting and voting for Sharon Latour for 5th District Supervisor, and supporting Kerrigan in the 4th District. Please join me.

Michael Welch, McKinleyville


Disregarding years of work and public input, the "gang of four" have rewarded the developers that got them elected by butchering the GPU and dismantling environmental protections. Have elements of our political world, such as the governance of our county, our cities and our organizations like the Headwaters Fund, become extensions of the will of a handful of locals with an agenda and the money to buy what they want?

Politics may be the art of compromise (which often devolves into managed manipulation), but at some point even politicians must be held accountable. Presumptions of honor are not incidental to politics. Lincoln is not the only one who said "a person is only as good as their word."

This county needs politicians who are reflective of the will of the people, and who are consistent with their own campaign pledges. Vote for Chris Kerrigan and Sharon Latour on June 3.

Larry Hourany, McKinleyville


Some Kerrigan supporters have criticized Virginia Bass for her previous career of working in, and managing, her family's restaurant.

Why do they demean honest, hard work? Restaurant work is a highly skilled, demanding profession. If they disbelieve that, they should work an eight-hour shift. I value the experience of Virginia Bass in this field. It is a great asset to bring to elected office.

Bass managed resources at her restaurant, created jobs, and issued paychecks to hundreds of employees. That is way beyond the scope of Kerrigan's experience.

What does Kerrigan do for a living? Is it true he lives off a large inheritance, but won't admit it out of fear he will lose votes?

If you pay income taxes, Mr. Kerrigan, what is the source of that income?

The 4th District deserves far better than someone so evasive that he won't say how he supports himself.

Re-elect Virginia Bass!

Lora Canzoneri, Arcata


I received a big, glossy flyer from the Sundberg campaign. One side had photos and quotes from Wes Chesbro, Jared Huffman, and Connie Stewart, and with them in bigger type, "Democrats are voting for Ryan!" I don't think any of those democrats pictured can vote for Ryan, since they don't live in the 5th District.

Huffman gave his endorsement to Ryan Sundberg long before the filing deadline, and long before Sharon Latour entered the campaign. The in-county democrats represented by the Humboldt County Central Committee gave their endorsement to Latour.

There are undoubtedly some democrats who will vote for Ryan, just as there are some republicans who will vote for Sharon.

I definitely prefer Sharon's more honest campaign messaging.

Richard French, McKinleyville


Humboldt County Green Party members voted unanimously last week in favor of endorsing Sharon Latour for 5th District supervisor.

Here's what she said in response: "Having the unanimous support of the discerning and committed group of citizens in our Green Party is an endorsement of everything we are working so hard to bring to the conversation! It's all about sustainable practices that respect the environment with an eye to preserving the Humboldt we cherish for future generations. This is a partnership I'd hoped for! Thank you so much."

We need more voices representing the people, the health of our communities, and the protection of our natural resources. Sharon Latour can do just that, and do it effectively. She has not only the vision but also the leadership skills to bring people together to solve our most challenging problems.

To learn more about Sharon, visit her website, www.sharonforsupervisor.com.

Dana Silvernale, Blue Lake

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