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Full Stop



In part four of the series "The Reluctant Cyclist," (Sept. 3) Jennifer Savage asked, "How wrong is this?" in reference to bicycling through the intersection of 14th Street and L.K. Wood Boulevard without stopping at the stop sign. I appreciate the opportunity to write about one of my least favorite things when driving a car. I think it's quite wrong. I acknowledge that it takes lots more effort for a bicyclist to stop and start than a car driver. I'm even intrigued by the possibilities of an Idaho stop law, where stop signs get treated like yields and stop lights stay as full stops. But for today, that's not the law.

When I am driving in the car with my 9-year-old, we have had numerous discussions about the bicyclists and skateboarders who go through stop signs right in front of us without stopping. I tell him that he can bike, board or scooter on the streets when he has the ability to follow the laws of traffic. There are intersections with hills, including L.K. Wood and 14th Street, where I take extra time to look out for bicyclists and skateboarders to see if they're going to respect the stop sign. I don't want anyone's life to change in the way it would change if a bicyclist or skateboarder crashed into my car. If they are to be done at all, it would be better if such non-stops at stop signs were part of the rules of the road.

Susan Gehr, Blue Lake

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