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First, I love your new feature “Seven-o-Heaven.” I loved “Prodigal Arkley” (Dec. 31) especially. The strip is a great addition to the NCJ.

However, I am fed up with all of the serious journalism around here. Down here in SoHum we have three weekly newspapers (including the NCJ), KMUD’s local news, Democracy Now!, etc. Enough already!

Journalism is an overrated profession and the universities turn out journalists like McDonalds makes hamburgers. That doesn’t mean we have to let them fill our newspapers with dry, well-researched tales of greed, corruption and incompetence week after week. Until you started running Seven-O-Heaven, the funniest thing in our local media was Dau Freitag’s incomprehensible letters to the editor.

I would like to see more local comics, but it seems a sense of humor is in short supply in Humboldt County.

John Hardin, Redway


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