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Recently I and others attended an open meeting of the Humboldt Human Rights Commission to discuss the ongoing great need to secure safe (open) shelter and permanent and appropriate low-cost housing for all the homeless citizens wishing it ("Swept," June 1).

I came prepared, not to argue the problem, but to bring forth common sense and affordable humane solutions. I presented six and the commission recorded them.

A lot of the other discussion degenerated into an "us and them" argument.

I realize now that all my (and others') efforts here were futile as I learned all the commissioners are appointed by each of our districts' supervisors and serve at their pleasure and can be "dismissed" at any time for any reason but, most notably, for being "over-active" and involved" in really trying to make a difference when it comes to citizen abuse and ongoing (oblivious??) government agencies' human rights violations.

I also learned that our HHRC is truly an impotent board with no enforcement powers to even rectify or correct any situation. They are just "talking heads" like all other empty, powerless boards and commissions.

In conclusion, nothing will be done by them. All of them serving know the local problem. They also know how to correct it, simply: Open up all government buildings at night to shelter those in need, provide and make available land for safe and secure camps and tiny house villages, and fight for and install a true department of human rights advocate that will oversee and make sure towns, cities and all agencies provide proper treatment, respect and all needed resources to sustain a basic healthy human being with dignity.

Michael Langdon, homeless in Arcata

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