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Gambling with our Lives

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OK ... We have brought flowers, lit candles, written notes, cried, and sung (NCJ Daily, June 16). The politicians, police, FBI, and hospital personnel have all congratulated each other for doing a fine job for the media. Forty-nine of our fellow citizens have been slaughtered. The president's speech following the massacre lectured us that we need more gun laws and that "hate" speech was to blame for Orlando. A terrorist attack becomes a political opportunity for the we-need-more-gun-laws-wing-nuts show. Fifty citizens slaughtered and the president is using his infamous "that's-not-us" speech that he has used to try to shame us on many occasions. Our government is saying "Move on ... this is the new normal. Every so often a radical Islamist terrorist will kill 50 or 100 or 200. Get used to it." The media obediently follows.

Congressman Jared Huffman, with other gun control Democrats, put on a Springer-type show with a sophomoric sit-in shamefully imitating the heroes of our civil rights movement to the point of singing spiritual hymns but changing the words for gun laws (NCJ Daily, June 30). How about actually letting the border control enforce the borders so we might actually stop at least some terrorists from entering our country and killing us? The DOJ/FBI are stunningly still looking for a motive in Orlando even though the murderer called 9-1-1 and basically dedicated his kill to ISIS. Both the FBI and CIA have stated they have no idea who is coming across our borders and have no doubt terrorists will be part of the 10,000 refugees President Obama wants to bring into our country. Hillary wants to bring in six times that. There are "watch lists" in every state. Is our leadership crazy? Our governments are gambling with our lives for no other reason but to stay in power; for votes. Time for new leadership that will protect us and stop these insane policies. 

Rick Brennan, Eureka


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