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I'm responding to the perception that the 222-page initiative pamphlet is too much to bother with. Simply put, most of the info you need is in the summaries on pages 8 through 16. Don't allow misleading ads to drive your decisions. It's worth 45 minutes to read the summaries.

Here's but one reason to research: Proposition 53 would require a statewide vote anytime a state or local government wants to spend $2 billion on a project. That may seem like a lot of money, but would you have wanted the Confusion Hill bypass put up for a statewide vote? This initiative, ironically, would add many more propositions in years to come, should it pass. Think of 400 to 500 page pamphlets.

Don't sit this out. Read the summaries, talk to friends and make sure you know what you're voting on.

Brian Nash, Loleta

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