In his insightful “Town Dandy” column of Aug. 27, the North Coast Journal’s editor, Hank Sims, sums up Democratic State Senator Patricia Wiggins’ unfortunate, tormented tenure in office perfectly.

As a partisan Democrat myself, I would like to remind the predominantly self-appointed so-called leaders of our local, official Democratic Party that the great, groundbreaking, revolutionary concept most fundamental to the very principle of “democracy” itself is our individual and collective right to freedom of choice.

As Democrats, we the people unapologetically fight for our right to choose not only the laws of our land, but those who would presume to lead us as well. However, in order for the voting public to be able to make a truly free choice, we American citizens must be allowed to make an informed choice!

Unfortunately, the local “Democratic” old guard ivory tower elitists like Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Milton Boyd have shamelessly deceived the local public and media for years in their vain, anti-populist attempt to conceal the elderly Wiggins’ rapidly deteriorating mental condition from the voters, in a conceited, now-defunct scheme to reinstall the ailing Wiggins (to whom all of our hearts go out, in her time of need) for an additional four years, not to mention the current ill-conceived plan to have Wiggins remain in the Senate for the 17 months remaining on her current term of office.

And as condescending and misguided as Boyd is, isn’t it time for him to step aside also? Here’s why:

His out-of-line, irrational public proclamations during the 2008 Democratic presidential primary, laughably claiming that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was by far the best Democratic candidate, thereby misusing his authority as HCDCC chairman.

After Richardson dropped out, Boyd encouraged Hillary Clinton supporters (like Blue Dog Congressman Mike Thompson) to use their superdelegate status at the Democratic Convention to block Barack Obama’s nomination to the presidency, regardless of the fact that Obama was the clear, popular choice of Democratic primary and caucus voters nationwide.

Boyd has repeatedly misled the voting public by lying to local media and others, erroneously claiming the elderly Wiggins is merely deaf, instead of senile.

The fact of the matter is: Milton Boyd has consistently proven that he is entirely incapable of representing local Democrats effectively as Chairman of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. It’s time for change! Call the HCDCC at 445-3366 and let Boyd know precisely what you think of his blatant dishonesty and deceit.

It’s your party, people! Don’t let them forget it.

Jake Pickering, McKinleyville

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