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Get Out of the Murder House



The savage efficiency with which European invaders destroyed the indigenous cultures of America was the original sin of the United States and other nation-states. Their ruthless and exploitative spirit is now bringing an equally savage retribution of climate catastrophe, desertification of the lands and seas of Mother Earth, and mass extinction of the animals and plants that have kept our species company through the millennia of life on our planet.

One small hope for us as the world flies apart lies in the increased audibility of the American indigenous voice, which proclaims that Mother Earth has rights. That voice is exquisitely expressed in Cutcha Risling's guest views piece ("Don't Live in a Murder House," Aug. 10), embellished with the comforting crowd picture of the Indian Island massacre vigil of 2014.

Cutcha's words are so high-spirited and generous:

"The land builds us. We pray for the health and well-being of all things, we sing, we dance, we heal the community to heal the land, we heal the land to heal the community. All of the community. Everything. Together."

Ellen Taylor, Petrolia


Rob Arkley has a perspective through money-colored glasses that tells him ownership and stewardship are the same thing. It seems that he feels that if he smears money on something it will get him what he wants.

What is his intention if were to buy Indian Island?

Indian Island belongs to itself, the natives knew this and they behaved accordingly. That is until they were forced out by the "great businessmen of the time." Let us not let that happen again.

The city council is on the right track, the Indian community has already paid dearly. They deserve to be the current stewards of this land.

One need not look far to see how the whiteman has usurped the land and the rights of the natives repeatedly. In addition, I don't see why the gender of the council members is on Mr. Arkley's mind but, thankfully, compassion, contrition and doing the right thing are included in their thinking.

Let the Indians live, let them celebrate renewal; after 157 years, it is time to let them have what they deserve!

Will Bell, Whitethorn

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