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'Gifted and Devoted'



I am writing to thank Linda Stansberry and North Coast Journal for their brilliant cover story about Humboldt Wildlife Care Center ("Oh, Mercy," July 20). I have been a fan of HWCC since shortly after I moved to Eureka in 1989 and I think the article captures its "spirit" and "intention" very well. I was privileged to volunteer during the pelican crisis on the North Coast in 2012, and that was when I met Monte Merrick, founder of Bird Ally X, for the first time and saw him in action, along with his colleagues and volunteers. I cannot imagine a more gifted and devoted wildlife rehabilitator and organization.

HWCC and Bird Ally X came together in 2014 and as "Oh, Mercy" points out, they have grown to where they are treating more than 1,000 of our local wild animal and migratory populations a year. They are "on call" 24/7 and open seven days a week. If you have ever called them upon finding an animal in distress, then you know it is an experience you will never forget.

I would invite all who don't know HWCC, to educate yourselves by going to its website (www.birdallyx.net/humboldt-wildlife-care-center-2) because you never know when you, your family or friends might be in need of its services. And because HWCC is "operating on a shoestring," I would invite all readers to support this organization through donations and/or volunteering. It is both a gift and blessing for us and our wildlife that HWCC/Bird Ally X is here on the North Coast.

Harry Blumenthal, Eureka

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