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Give Love a Chance



I am writing because I have a very different take on Undecided Daughter's letter to Jessica ("Hide Me!," March 6). Jessica came to the conclusion that "You're just not that into your boyfriend." It seems to me that Undecided Daughter does indeed like her boyfriend. She just didn't expect to like someone like him.

He doesn't fit her preconceived notion of what her boyfriend should be like. She says that he is great company and that he is sweet and attentive to her. Her qualms are expressed as worries about what others, especially her Mother, will think of him. Having qualms about what he does for a living is understandable, but there too, she seems primarily concerned about the judgment of others.

I've seen many women choose a partner who fits their preconceived stereotype, only to be disappointed by a lack of emotional satisfaction in their relationship. If Undecided Daughter has a real emotional connection with her boyfriend, and they genuinely enjoy each other's company, they have something to be treasured that transcends the fleeting satisfaction of impressing others.

Amy Gustin, Redway

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