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Go, Merv!



Thank you for Heidi's enlightening cover story, "Merv's World" (Sept. 11). If there was ever a more all-around role model, Merv George would be challenging that person for first place. I am envious beyond reason and I plan to share this article broadly.

As small farmers, my wife and I are fortunate to have an acre on Carpenter Lane at the north end of the Hoopa Valley. We have an orchard and a vegetable garden. My wife keeps bees. Our neighbors are Green Fire Farm and Lost Coast Winery's vineyards.

The rich alluvial soil that the Trinity River has deposited over the centuries and the cool evenings offered by the coastal proximity provide this valley with absolutely perfect growing conditions.

If I ever get the opportunity to meet Merv George I will tell him how much I admire and respect him. Then I will take the opportunity to encourage him to encourage his people to embrace agriculture within their valley. The resource is there. The valley is fertile. The river flows through.

Roy Henry Marin, Eureka

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