The NCJ provided an essential service to our community in its recent in-depth report on the supervisor's race. We have a unique and exciting opportunity June 5 to elect a supervisor with proven leadership skills. Cheryl Seidner was twice voted woman of the year by the state of California; she earned an honorary doctorate in humane sciences, and has served 12 years as chairwoman of the Wiyot Tribe, bringing together a wide range of individuals and agencies to provide her community with fundamental services. Despite her successes as a talented and determined negotiator, her distinguished achievements, credentials, awards, and her lifelong dedication to public service, Cheryl Seidner is one of the most humble and gracious individuals I have known; qualities that Cheryl radiates at public appearances.

I first met Cheryl Seidner at Humboldt State University where, for 28 years, Cheryl counseled tens of thousands of young adults, like me, through the overwhelming financial burdens in obtaining a public university degree without any family support. My university experience was essential in acquiring the skills and confidence needed to create and operate a successful business that provided dozens of local youths with their first employment at a living wage.

Cheryl Seidner understands that the economic prosperity of every class of citizen in every community ultimately depends upon the prosperity of all its residents, especially our most vulnerable and capable youths, eager to begin building self-reliant, sustainable communities.

Unfortunately, half the eligible voters aged 18-25 are unregistered (2010 U.S. Census), while half of the registered voters of all ages typically abstain from voting. Many are discouraged after three decades of unprecedented divestment in the American people by the largest U.S. corporations, financial institutions and by our own government. The result is America's New Gilded Age and the growing human toll within every meaningful indicator of the economy, environment and society that continues to collapse.

Humboldt County‘s "other majority" has until May 25 to register to vote and ensure that individuals like Cheryl Seidner are leading Humboldt County government to represent all the people.

Cheryl Seidner is that caliber of person.

George Clark, Eureka


Being a resident of the newly reconstituted 1st District, I read your May 10 cover story, entertainingly titled "District Soup," with considerable interest.
I met Rex Bohn when I chaired the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee, and I like him just fine for his work with youth sports and as a public auctioneer. These are quick, fast paced activities that match his skills. I am even OK with him strutting down the fashion runway in high-heeled drag, although, honestly, I wouldn't do that myself.
But when I consider that he seeks to represent our interests in the most intense, intellectually demanding job at the highest level of county government as 1st District Supervisor, I have to say "Sorry, Rex, but you can't touch the skills and qualifications Cheryl Seidner has for this position."

Cheryl has held numerous leadership positions in the political world, including serving 12 years as the Wiyot Tribal Chair, work that has taught her invaluable skills in achieving solutions to problems while considering, as she herself puts it, "people first." She is a published historian, adding depth to her governing knowledge and skills, and she worked for 28 years at Humboldt State University in the Educational Opportunity Program, helping students succeed in school. Small wonder the California State University System awarded her an honorary doctoral degree. In the university's words, she "is a visionary, a leader, and a community builder" who received her doctorate "in recognition of her life of extraordinary service."

Please join me in voting for the person who is best qualified and most capable of representing the interests of all of us in the 1st District, Cheryl Seidner.

Patrick Riggs, Stafford

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