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Golden Omission



Perhaps NCJ should have published "The Top 11 Stories of 2015."

Near the top of your list ("The Top 10 Stories of 2015," Dec. 31) should have been an event of international significance: the relaunch of the Golden Rule on June 20. Peaceniks and sea-dogs from across the country and from across the decades came to Fairhaven to support and witness this reaffirmation of people's power to claim a hopeful future for our planet. This wee vessel's 1958 voyage resulted in a worldwide ban of atmospheric tests of atomic weapons and inspired the creation of Greenpeace. Today, she is educating and inspiring active peacemaking and environmental protection.

She has recently returned to her home port of Eureka from San Diego (and points in between). Soon she heads north, stopping in many communities along the way. If you want to offer support or "ketch" up on her history, mission, and progress, visit the website: www.vfpgoldenruleproject.org.

Chip Sharpe, Bayside CA

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