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Grateful to Humboldt




As Thanksgiving again approaches, with rain and leaves falling, our minds dwell on gratitude for many things. For us, our thankfulness for living in Humboldt County has deepened evermore. About six weeks ago, our lives were forever changed by a tragic collision that occurred on Old Arcata Road ("Surviving," Nov. 15). Within minutes, and continuing unending as we write, our families, friends, and the entire community have reached out to us, lent strength, supported us when we struggled, and celebrated our ongoing recovery.

We have never felt more connected to our community, never more honored and humbled by our loving neighbors, and never more proud to call Humboldt our home. From our families, to our friends, coworkers and fellow club members, to local businesses, radio, builders, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and retailers -- our community has rallied behind the fallen. We marvel at the scope of human generosity, and we offer our sincerest thank you to this wonderful community.

Jessie Hunt and Matt Johnson, Eureka

Terri Vroman Little and Bryan Little, Eureka

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