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I have not been to Al and Alice Krause's house lately but I am imagining that John Graves' "shame on them" letter is on the fridge with the report cards, photos, and prizes ("Round ‘em up," June 9). His letter expressed a righteous concern about the safety of Tess and Sara Krause, the two young Amazons who entered and competed in the Kinetic Sculpture Race. I am writing to put at ease his fretting on their account.

As a mother whose daughter has spent many a day, dinner and weekend with the Krause family, I would like to personally attest to Al and Alice's generosity and reliability as parents. Many young people have found a house where the adults are home, food is available and everyone can venture an opinion. This is, in fact, no ordinary family. To encourage Tess and Sara on race morning, there were, within 30 feet of their sculpture, three grandparents, two older siblings, an aunt and uncle, two parents, perhaps a cousin or two and many friends. I think the need for Child Protective Services was a bit of misplaced hyperbole. And then there is the fact that Tess is 18.

As to the parents inciting a riot, the hardly incendiary chant of "let them race" was a spontaneous reaction to the belittling of Tess and Sara's efforts to make a sculpture and willingness to go on this wild, three-day ride. Needless to say, the "officials" and the four policeman (!!!) who stood Tiger-side for the 40 minutes before the race began were unmoved by our boisterous efforts.

Finally, I would like to let it be known that Tess created an awesome Tiger and that she and that young upstart of a sister, Sara, rode the whole race and with a great time. But, I guess that we should be encouraging our youth to stay indoors with their phones and computers where they will be safe. Especially the girls for goodness sake!

Martha Jain, Arcata


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