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'Hate is Hate'



I have been out of town so just got around to reading the NCJ issue for Aug. 11, 2016. I originally was stimulated to write about the article about Esteban Gonzalez (Best of Humboldt) but kept getting sidetracked by the brouhaha surrounding the participation of Sizzla Kalonji at Reggae on the River (NCJ Daily). I don't care if someone is the finest talent in the world and regularly leaps tall buildings in a single bound, supporting them is akin to accepting hatemongering of an innocent target as implicit support for their stupidity — unless you have found a new way to neutralize hate with appreciation. Can I disentangle that phrase? I won't even try.

Hate is hate and deserves no elucidation. It is not the opposite of love and is the expression of the worst impulses of humankind. How does someone rail against "sodomites" when they are screwing the public en masse? This is the most gross abuse of talent in which one can engage.

But fortunately, I have good news from the front. Thadeus Greenson's ending to the Gonzalez article was the most piquant I have read in a long time. A small kudo here, and a great big one for the continuing outstanding commentary by Linda Stansberry.

Larry Hourany, McKinleyville

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