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Heard of Sunlight?




I was disappointed when I saw Ryan Burns’ article, “When Weed is Legal” (April 16). To me it came off as an ad for the Northern Humboldt indoor pot scene. In Southern Humboldt, we have been involved in a movement to discourage indoor marijuana growing, or at the very least, encourage proper fuel containment and used oil recycling. In last week’s NCJ, Robert Cherry’s letter to the editor suggested that people growing indoors should make sure that their wiring is done correctly. Of course there should be safe wiring and fuel containment, but that is the very least that could be done.

Unfortunately, these solutions ignore the biggest problem with indoor growing and that is air pollution caused by the burning of fossil fuels to power the huge energy use of indoor lights. We are in an age where any fool knows that global climate change is real. So, if we continue to do “the least we can do,” environmental destruction is inevitable. Remember, there is no industry easier to solarize than gardening.

Tyce Fraser, Miranda

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